APIT Madrid permanently runs training programmes and activities designed to bring its members up to date in the areas of most interest to them: languages, new destinations, heritage interpretation, service quality, use of new technologies, travelling exhibitions etc. - anything, in fact, that might contribute to the advancement of its members.

The Association also organises regular conferences focusing on heritage in the Madrid region.


It actively collaborates with other professional and business associations in the tourism sector on both a regional national level in order to improve competitiveness and the overall image the Madrid region.

The Association is a consultative member of the region's tourism management bodies.

APIT Madrid supports the city and region through free guided tours for professionals on key dates, such as during the FITUR International Tourism Fair, an event at which it is also present as a major player in the Madrid region.

It is an active member of the Spanish Confederation of Tourist Guide Federations and Associations and the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG).

APIT Madrid also holds dissemination events for the tour guide profession, among which we should highlight the annual World Tour Guide Day, at which the Guide of Honour for the year is named in recognition of an individual's special contribution to tourism and the profession.